Doing business with small farms has for too long represented a challenge in the food industry.

We want to make it easier.



Important relationships


In addition to taking care of our vegetables in the field, we are also dedicated to cultivating long-lasting and meaningful relationships with our partner farms.
In order to have access to a variety of organic Quebec products, we focus on collaborating with other Montreal-area farms in a mutually beneficial way.

We are determined to positively influence our food system, while supporting our local economy.

We have been working for over 10 years to feed families, communities and businesses of the greater Montreal area!

Our Products

The land we cultivate has never known pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Our vegetables are not only healthy, but also delicious.
Our specialties are: salad greens, tomatoes and microgreens.

Restaurants, grocery stores, and institutions trust us to deliver the best quality organic vegetables in Montreal.

Our homegrown specialties: Salad greens, tomatoes, and microgreens

We deliver twice a week, with quality and freshness our number one concern.



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