Le P'tit Jardin

Microgreens and fresh herbs

Vertical urban agriculture, just a few minutes from our farm, in the heart of the West Island

All year long…

A space that houses the production of delicious greens, 12 months a year

Ecological packaging

Packaging that reduces waste, with an emphasis on reusable containers and compostables

Delicious and healthy products

At Les Jardins Carya, our mission is to help build a sustainable and self-sufficient food system. 
Considering our province’s climate, being able to eat local foods year-round in Quebec takes creativity.
Therefore, we have developed a vertical, organic, soil-based microgreens growing operation.
The health benefits of microgreens are tried, tested and true, and we want to bring them to as many Montrealers as possible.

Who we are

Many of the team members who grow your microgreens at P’tit Jardin are the same farmers who grow your greens in the field.
Passionate about agriculture in all it’s forms, we are experienced microgreen experts who are always ready to learn something new. 

Our products

The crops we grow at P’tit Jardin include a variety of shoots and fine herbs.  
Some of our favorites include:

Sunflower shoots, peashoots, fava, broccoli, kohlrabi, various radishes, amaranth, bok choy, kale, arugula and mustards

Our fine herbs include:

Basil, cilantro, chervil and dill.

With many more to come!