Cuisine Carya


Local, organic ingredients

constituting a minimum 80% of our products, by weight

Local distribution 

for low carbon impact and freshness

Low-waste packaging

with a focus on re-usable and compostable containers

High levels of deliciousness at all times 

Cooking local and organic in a Quebecois weather climate means being creative, and above all, flexible.  To help contribute to a sustainable and secure food system, we have developed unique recipes that change with the seasons, and products that come and go according to what’s available and fresh, de chez nous.


Who we are


Cuisine Carya is a Montreal-based Farm-to-Table kitchen that produces delicious prepared foods made from local, organic ingredients.

We make both fresh and canned foods, including pestos, soups, vege-pate, salads and all kinds of pickles and seasonal specialties.

Almost all the ingredients we cook with are grown by us on the Island of Montreal, or are sourced from our nearby partner farms.  Locally grown, organic arugula, spinach, tomatoes, squash, herbs, specialty mushrooms and even flour and sunflower oil are all featured in our products.


Our products


Veggie Burgers
Carya’s Perfect Pesto - arugula, pecan, spinach
Seasonal Soups 


Eric Hanson - Chef and Manager 


Eric Hanson was produced locally in Montreal in 1981.  He has since gone on to occupy every possible position in restaurant and food-service work, bouncing back and forth between Quebec and British Columbia.

After a 5 year side-step career working in television news, Eric became owner and head chef of Cafe Joe, a bohemian Montreal breakfast diner.

After selling his restaurant in 2018, Eric turned his attention to food eco-politics.  In 2019 he joined the Carya team, and together they launched Cuisine Carya.

Eric Hanson currently lives in Verdun with his partner Myriam and their two children.